Customers of (refered to as the Vendor) have the right to return goods to the Vendor without stating the reason in 14 calendar days from purchasing the goods, if it complies with the rules stated by the Lithuanian Consumer Institute . The customer returns the goods by delivering them to the Vendor‘s storage facility at the following address: Santaariškių 35-3. The Vendor only accepts goods in their original undamaged packaging in the complete original set. Upon return the customer shall submit the VAT invoice that came together with the parcel or another document that serves as a proof that the item was purchased from the Vendor, such as the number of electronic order. Painting materials whose metal packaging has been opened or damaged or that are not returned as complete set shall not be accepted. The expenses of returning the goods shall be covered by the customer. Return warranty does not apply to ready-to-use paint. Upon receiving the items that are returned and assessing their condition the Vendor returns the money to the customer by bank transfer to the customer‘s account in 10 calendar days.