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    Mipa 1K-Haftpromoter is a completely transparent universal adhesion promoter for different substrates. The special formulation allows an adhesion also on difficult substrates without previos sanding. Recoatable with Mipa 1K- and 2K-top coats. Mipa 1K-Haftpromoter is transparent and provides UV-resistance which allows a recoating also with Mipa clear coats.

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  • MIPA 2K HS 4+1 acrylic...


    MIPA 2K HS 4+1 - two component acrylic filler having a high solid content with a wide range of application possibilities. Excellent filling properties, easy to sand and quick drying. Can be used "wet on wet".

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  • MIPA 2K HS CC 9...


    MIPA 2K HS CC 9 it is the transparent two-component acrylic clearcoat with high content of solids. It provides a hard, high-gloss, scratch-resistant surface and excellent appearance. Resistant to all atmospheric influences. Recommended for environment protective complete coating or for spot repairs of cars and commercial vehicles. Chemical and mechanical resistance. Suitable for both solvent and water-based paints. Equally suitable to give good protection to a wide range of neon (fluorescent) paints.



    MIPA BUMPER PAINT is a one component structural bumper paint, resistant to +70 ° C temperature, suitable for the repair work on plastic surfaces likely to be found in automotive industry such as bumpers, trims (skirting), outside mirrors, etc. Direct adhesion on cleaned and sanded plastic such as ABS, ABS-PC, PP-EPDM, against weathering are the most distinguishing marks of this product.

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  • MIPA P182 Glaze putty, 1 ltr


    Pourable 2K polyester fine putty with reduced specific weight to close any small pores that may still be present or to level out small unevenness. After drying Mipa P 182 has a smooth, glossy and closed surface and is also characterized by its excellent sandability and high filling power. Adhesion to iron, steel, aluminium, galvanized substrates, GRP and wood.



    MIPA ROST VERSIEGELUNG corrosion sealer can be applied by brush without dilution or spray gun, by adding 5 - 10 % synthetic thinner. Before application, lose parts rust, oil, grease and dirt as well as corrosive old layers of paint have to be removed. Recoatable after 30 - 60 minutes (20 °C). DO NOT WASH the surface, which is covered with corrosion sealer.

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  • MIPA tin opener with mixer


    A metal mixer for manual mixing of enamels, base paints, primers, fillers and other liquid products. Suitable for quick and easy opening of tins.

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    MIPA UNTERBODENSCHUTZ based on bitumen. This product gives excellent and durable protection against rust and stone chip and has sound deadening properties. Not over-paintable. Developed as corrosion protective coating on metal surfaces, especially for application on cars, trailers, trucks, such as the under side of floor panels, the inside of wheel arches on parts of the chassis, ect. It creates a strong, elastic, thermo-insulating layer, which protects against weathering.

  • MIPA WINNER acrylic...


    Colourless, yellowing resistant UV- protective coat for the clear over base coating. Good weather and scratch resistance. Not suitable for use on blank iron, as well as on brass, copper and aluminium.

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  • MP ENTFETTUNGSTUCH cleaning...


    Very robust, extremely tear resistant fleece cloth suitable for various cleaning jobs. Can be used both with solvent based as well as water based degreasing agents.