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  • MIPA WINNER acrylic...


    Colourless, yellowing resistant UV- protective coat for the clear over base coating. Good weather and scratch resistance. Not suitable for use on blank iron, as well as on brass, copper and aluminium.

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  • SOLL acrylic matt spray 500...


    Black matt spray paint used for repairing cars with minor and medium paint damage. Also used as a protective coating for objects of all kinds in the home and garden. Before usage, clean and sand down surface, remove any rust. Apply anti-corrosion primer to clean surface. Then apply primer filler. Shake can well for 2 minutes. Test spray to check compatibility and colour tone. Spraying distance approx. 25 cm. Do not spray on surfaces coated with synthetic resins as the paint may lift.

  • 1K paint black mat 400ml


    1K paint spray with high solids content. Ideal for parts painting. Fast-drying, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant.

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  • ARS Color acrylic aerosol...

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    Creates a smooth surface, an ideal base for a subsequent covering coat, fills small irregularities. It can be applied on any surface and easy to sand down. Suitable for metal, ceramics, stone, clay, glass, paper and some plastics. Free of heavy metals: no lead, cadmium, chrome.

  • SOLL 1K epoxy primer spray...


    The 1K Epoxy Primer is an all-purpose 1K Primer with excellent adhesion and corrosion protection on metallic substrates, various types of plastics. Can be dry grinded after 45 minutes with P400 - 500. Can be top coated with any solvent-based or waterborne basecoats as well as with 1K and 2K topcoats. Can be used „wet-on-wet“.

  • SOLL texture lacquer for...


    SOLL texture lacquer is particularly suited for refurbishing car body parts made of plastic. Easy to process, good adhesion properties, very fast drying, resistant to scratching.

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